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     a : a person who has interesting qualities or abilities that most people do not know about

    b : someone with a secret, especially a secret ability, skill, or achievement, that surprises you when you      finally discover it”


Dark Horse Style is for the individuals interested in getting their life back physically & financially.

FACE: Lets face it…Guys need skincare too.  What can guys do for taking care of their facial skin?  This is the resource that makes things easy.

FOOD: Everyone enjoys food.  If you don’t, there is something wrong with you.  If you abuse it, well, lets fix that.  Food is sustenance, it is our fuel.  At Dark Horse Style, we put the spot light on healthy grub that is delicious and nutritious.  I am a lover of food and yes, I cook.  Real men not only know how to grill, but know their way around a kitchen.  Women love men who can cook.  Enough Said.

FITNESS: I am a TLS Consultant.  I can help you get your life back physically.  Lets match that reflection in the mirror to the TRUE YOU.  Being Healthy is being happy.  Lets give you the best resources on how to do it.

FORM: This is for you, Gentlemen.  Lets give the GUYS an arena for style and fashion.  True Southern Style.

FINANCE: Get your life back financially.  This is where we demonstrate money-saving tips, shopping clues, and the importance of gaining financial stability.

FINDS:  Shopping can be fun.  This is where to get it, how to get it, and how to earn CASHBACK while getting all of the finds on Dark Horse Style.


Follow me at Darkhorsestyle for my musings on style, food, face, form, finances and a little splash of my journey into fatherhood at 50!

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