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Real People.  Real Entrepreneurs. 

“Our Mission is to help you be successful, which helps us be successful.”

Our Mission

 As entrepreneurs ourselves, our mission is to build and sustain a team of fellow  entrepreneurs. 

We provide an educational environment with a round-table concept.  We help and empower

each other to succeed.  We provide our partners with the resources and training tools

necessary to run a successful business.  

Sahana S. Braswell, Owner of INDIVA Spa & Wellness

IndivaBeauty.com  IndivaSpa.com  IndivaWellness.com


  • Started in the Beauty Industry in 2003
  • Licensed Esthetician since 2008
  • Trained with companies like The Body Shop, Sephora and trained with TOP INDUSTRY BRANDS
  • Worked with INDUSTRY LEADER Spas in the Raleigh/Durham Area
  • Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist since 2014
  • Spa Owner since 2015 INDIVA Spa & Wellness
  • Specialization in Beauty from the Inside Out
  • Stress and Pain Management
  • Customized Skincare and Makeup Solutions
  • Health, Beauty, and Wellness

Matthew S. Braswell, Owner Of DarkHorseWebCenters.com



Over 30 Years in the Printing Industry

Newsprint, Digital, and CTP Technology

SHOP Consultant - I teach people to shop smart and save money! Convert Spending Into Earnings

Small To Medium Size Business Web Design and Marketing

Lead Advertising

Social Media Manager

Matthew & Sahana Braswell

As an average household in America, we have been through highs and lows when it comes to managing our money. We realized that there was more month than there was income.  After plenty of hardships, we decided to do something about our financial future.   We came to a crossroads where we all think-

"There has to be a better way".

 Sure, we could both get second jobs, but we would trade money for time and never see each other. We were not willing to give up time for a small amount of money. So my thinking was, "what could I be doing right along with my profession that will bring in a residual income? What can I do to help leverage my time best? What can we do, believe in, that can give us financial security?"

 We evaluated the business very carefully.  I knew in my mind what I DID NOT WANT it to be and what I DID WANT.  I did not want a company that was a one-product-wonder or MLM.  I did not want a company that after the excitement and show wore off, I was left with debt and headache. 

I want a company that could help me create a virtual wellness center and extend my customer service without a back-breaking investment. I want a company with a diverse platform, a successful & proven training and business system, products I can stand behind, and a great standing with the Better Business Bureau.  

The answer to all our questions...This Business System

 This is how I integrated this business system into what I do for a living... I want to create a positive cash flow so that I can spend time with my family, enjoy life comfortably, and follow my dreams.  I do not want to work to live, I want to live my life and enhance the lives of those around me.  This business integrates beautifully into our lives so that we can leverage our time, money and resources to create the future of our dreams.  Let us show you how...


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